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Help us hire a refugee campaigner

Currently there are over 30,000 refugees living in limbo, these recognised refugees are stuck forever renewing temporary visas with limited rights to work, study, travel and reunite with family. Join us in launching a campaign calling the government to end this.

Current government policies are discriminatory and unfair to refugees who are seeking asylum by sea. If you come by plane to seek asylum and are found to be a refugee, you are given permanent protection and a pathway to citizenship that allows you to study university, apprenticeships, have full work rights and make this new community your new home. We are calling for the government to end the discrimination and treat all recognised refugees equally, to be all granted permanent protection. 

We know the most powerful campaign is when we work together in solidarity with refugee activists who are directly impacted by the government’s unjust policies. That’s why we want to hire a refugee campaigner for 6 months that will work on community activists. Together we can fight for permanent protection for all refugees, so they can finally have a place to call home. 

Can you help us hire a refugee campaigner, so together we can campaign for permanent protection for all refugees. 


Thank you for your generous support.

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