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Mohammad Bavi speaks from inside Adelaide detention centre

My name is Mohammed Bavi and for eight years I have been detained by the Australian Government – six of those years in Nauru and two in Adelaide.

Like you, I am simply wanting a simple and peaceful life. Yet the Australian Government continues to torture and punish us. Why?

I am not a criminal to be detained. It is not illegal to seek asylum in Australia.

We came to Australia for help, but instead we have been met with discrimination and torture.

I cannot comprehend why we remain in this prison. We are innocent human beings.

We can bring value to your country. We can be participating members of your society. We are eager to contribute to your economy. Instead, we are locked up in cages at a great expense.

We feel little hope for the future while the Australian Government are playing with our lives. How long will they profit from our misery and torture?

This system of oppression serves only to secure votes for politicians and make money for corporations. This is not about stopping the boats.

They hide us from you, because they don’t want you to see the truth. We are being hidden away so that you will forget we are here.

I am asking the people of Australia – please don’t forget about us. Your silence allows our continued torture. Those in power must be called to account.

We ask the good people of Australia, please increase the pressure on politicians. Please continue to speak up for us. Show your government that refugee lives do matter.

Your support gives us hope. Your support gives us strength.

Thank you.


Mohammed and 11 other men are being held in Adelaide Immigration Transit Accommodation. The men can't see out of the centre, but they can hear the people of Adelaide supporting them at their weekly protests out front of the centre every Friday at 6pm, 55/65 Garland Ave, Kilburn South Australia.

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