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Refugee Voices learnt earlier this week that some of the men indefinitely detained at the Park Hotel on Swanston Street in Melbourne were displaying symptoms of Covid 19. This morning it has been confirmed that 3 men were informed by doctors that they had tested positive. Refugee Voices were informed that there are a number of men, besides the 3 confirmed cases who are displaying symptoms including fever, dizziness and shortness of breath.

Voices from inside Park Hotel tell us that they are very worried about their friends who are sick and are also concerned about their own health and safety. The hotel is a secure facility and only those contracted by the government can enter and leave. Therefore, COVID-19 has been brought in by one of these contractors and exposed vulnerable men, who present with complex and varying health issues to the deadly virus. With no safe space or adequate access to medical treatment the men are at great risk.

Refugee Voices stands in Solidarity with the men detained in Park Hotel and asks the government to release these men into the community where they can receive appropriate care and support

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