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MEDIA STATEMENT: Government Fails Afghani Women

Updated: Nov 23, 2021

Refugee Voices have met with the Afghan Women's National soccer team who recently escaped the Taliban and sought refuge in Australia.

Unsurprisingly, there is an alarming issue of neglect and a total lack of essential support from the Morrison Government.

Three months ago, a dedicated crew of people assisted these 28 women, along with others, to escape from the Taliban in Afghanistan.

The Morrison Government have denied these women permanent protection. The Australian Government has instead issued all 28 women with Temporary Protection Visas (Subclass 449). This type of visa requires the women to periodically renew their visas. After fleeing Taliban - leaving their families behind - these refugees have been denied safety and stability.

Again, the Federal Government continues to punish refugees.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has strongly criticised the humanitarian crisis unfolding in Afghanistan and its particular threat on women. However, his government continues to fail in its duty of care to these refugees.

Having just arrived in this country, the Australian Government has provided these women with no housing support or essential services. The government is forcing these refugees to pay for their accommodation. These women find themselves in a totally foreign country with very little knowledge of the language, culture and customs, and the government has abandoned them. The refugees are stressed and have a very genuine fear that they might be forced into homelessness.


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