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Iraqi's displaced by American war ask for reconciliation in Australia

The Iraqi community held a protest in front of the Embassy of the United States of America on Tuesday the 23rd of March at 11 am.

Since 2012, Iraqi refugees are still without full rights due to Australia's strict immigration policy.

Thanks to the United States war in Iraq and its leadership of the international coalition after 2003, the oppression and persecution by militias and the terrorist organisation saw 1 in 25 Iraqis displaced from their homes.

Engineers, artists, lawyers, academics, doctors, and other professionals were among the first to escape the war.

Many made the trip by boat to Australia. As a result, the Iraqi refugee community in Australia are still waiting to be granted full citizenship rights.

We marched from the Embassy of the United States of America to Parliament House and met with Greens and Labor Members of Parliament to discuss our fight for the right to live as citizens of Australia.

"America’s war in Iraq displaced many of us, tearing our families apart as well as the lives we lived. Fleeing to Australia gave us safety and hope to reunite with our children and loved ones, but nine years later we continue to live with uncertainty and heartbreak," says Ali Badari.

"The Embassy of the United States of America saw and heard us loud and clear today, as did the Australian Government at Parliament House.

"Human rights belong to us too and it’s time America and Australia restored them to us."

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