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Farhad Bandesh life after detention

Updated: Feb 13, 2021

Farhad Bandesh shares life after eight years of detention and his vision for life in Australia.

Farhad is one of the 46 men who recently regained their freedom from hotel detention. We stand with Farhad and his brothers and sisters to rebuild their lives in Australia and fight the racist immigration policies our Government imposes.

All during February, we're raising $1000 for each of the people who have been recently released from detention in Melbourne. All further funds raised will be dedicated to furthering the safe and permanent protection of refugee communities across Australia. Donate today!

Within weeks, Farhad is working for wineries in Victoria and furthering his vision of owning a restaurant. "It's a really beautiful moment when you are among the people," Farhad said.

"They continue to support you and I really appreciate this."

We are incredibly grateful for the care, voice and tangible support that so many across our community continue to share with our brothers and sisters at this historic moment.

This is a new day for these men who’ve been detained for over 2,737 days, and we're incredibly proud to support them launch new chapters in our community.

Take action and donate today:

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