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Darwin refugees speak out from hotel detention

Refugee Voices Community Organiser Mohammad Daghagheleh speaks with siblings Hajar and Abbas Maghames, two of fifteen Medevac refugees detained in a Darwin hotel for over a year.

Transferred for critical medical treatment with their parents in 2020, the Darwin refugees have felt forgotten until now.

Abbas and Hajar's story underlines the importance of contacting MPs like Peter Dutton to reject Australia's inhumane practices and cruel policies.

"We came in 2013 to Christmas Island and stayed for seven months. Then they brought us by force to Nauru in 2014. We were in Nauru for seven years, and then they brought us to Darwin for medical treatment (Medevac). Unfortunately, we have spent one year here waiting for treatment and haven't received any. We've lost eight years of our future to torture; torture without having committed a crime." Abbas Maghames.

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