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June 20th - July 20th

Shanaz's yoghurt eggplant dip

This is the perfect addition to any main meal or as an appetiser. It’s eaten largely in Iran with flat bread. This version has a rich, slightly sour creamy texture that’s served with a hint of mint. Enjoy!

Shanazs' Kashke Bademjan (eggaplant dish

Ahmad’s secret falafel

The secret to cooking great falafel is to keep it simple, says Ahmad. Made with chickpeas, garlic, salt and water, these falafel are a popular fast food sold from busy food carts in the bustling city of Ahwaz, Iran.

Ahmad's Secret Falafel.png

Kiran’s beef and mung bean kichiri rice

This homely dish comes from northern state of Pakistan, Khyber Pushtoonkhwa (KPK) The perfect bowl of comfort on a cold wintry day or for packing in a hot food flask to take on a picnic.

Kiran’s beef & mung bean kichiri

Ahmad's Mesopotamian date balls

Ahmad’s mum would make these sweets from their family’s date palms in Ahwaz, Iran. She would use the softer dates, called tamar, to gently fry in fresh buffalo’s butter before adding toasted sesame seeds and cardamom. Enjoy these delights with a nice hot cup of tea or gift wrap them for someone special.

Ahmad’s Mesopotamian date balls.png

How to get involved

Step 1: Register here

Step 2: Receive the delicious recipes: we will send you the recipes via email 

Step 3: Plan your feast: choose a date and location; invite your guests 

Step 4: Prepare the meal

Step 5: Host your banquet: bring together your loved ones to celebrate Refugee Week

Step 6: Share your photos to social media: use the #RVUnityBanquet

Step 7: Donate to Refugee Voices via the web page: please label your donation “Unity Banquet”

Want to enhance the banquet experience?

Book a speaker

We have a group of highly-experienced and engaging public speakers who love to attend all kinds of school, library, sports and community events, big or small. Please contact us here to book a speaker.

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